About the Journal

Green Economics Review

Original title : Green Economics Review
Abbreviation : Green Economics Rev.
Short title : GER
Indexing : Google Schoolar
Publication Frequency : 2 issues per year
Archiving : Public Knowledge Project Private LOCKSS Network (PKP-PLN) - see the LOCKSS Publisher Manifest
DOI : -
ISSN : -
Management Style : Open Access
Editor in Chief : Ferry Khusnul Mubarok, SEI., MA
Publisher : Yayasan Al Ma'arif Dawuhan 
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Language : English & Indonesia
Discipline : Green Economics, Green Management, Green Accounting and Finance, Green Banking, Green Business, and Others

Green Economics Review is a double blind peer reviewed journal published by Yayasan Al Ma'arif Dawuhan Indonesia. This journal is addresses all aspects of a Green Economy, aims to drive economic change and position Green Economy at the center of the Economics discipline. Green Economy theory, policies, tools, instruments and metrics are developed to facilitate changes to the current economic model for the benefit of many people and the planet as a whole. Green Economics Review focuses primarily on managing resources, meeting societal needs and the impact and influence of international trends and how to enhance social justice.